An Introduction

Dear friends,

allow me to introduce myself and this blog. My name is Alex and
I am living in Cologne (Germany), where i was born and raised.
When I was at an age of 13 my interest in digital artwork and animation
grew and I started to familiarize myself with the great Open Source 3D
Tool Blender, which gave me various possibilities to learn how to create
digital models, animations and even some little games.

Time by time and inspired by some cool making ofs my interest deflected
to visual effects and the general process of creating movies, so I learned
how to deal with Blender in terms of generating digital content for movies.
I became familiar with tracking and compositing – finally I only did a short
clip of a flying UFO but it was worth the effort, because i learned a lot.

At an age of 17 I wanted to escape from my computer and after i modelled a “flying” robot,
i wrote a little story (in fact two sites) about the robot hunting a joung man.
I asked a friend if he would play the man, planned to composite it with the robot on my computer and it seemed to become some funny stuff. But suddenly I had the idea to create a longer movie… with one character more… And longer… And maybe three characters… And longer! You can easily see where it went to. For about one year I just blow up the whole story without a distinct knowlegde about screenplay writing.

For luck I perceived how impossible my ambition was, so I read about screenplay writing and moviemaking and gave myself a deadline. And it worked. In the end I was happy with my script. Parallel to screenwriting I nearly spent all my money to buy a good camcorder and other technical stuff to be prepared for future shooting. Even though there was still some kind of uncertainness about the whole project I took courage and searched for people with interest in this project. I found some guys without experience but motivation and fortunately one experienced lightning and audio technician. So we started to prepare ourselfs for the shootings and learn all the stuff new to us. By the time we didn’t have any actors, so I announced the project with a short description and a animation of the robot, which still had his place in the story, on the internet. I was really amazed about the number of feedback and came in contact with two great actors living near my town. We met and although i was a bit nervous, they wanted to do the project and even gave me a contact of a makeup artist. I was really happy to have a complete team!

We agreed on the shooting dates (two days in Semptember, two in February) and the organization started. It was a very work intensive time, because I wanted to plan and schedule everything as accurate as possible to have a good working atmosphere and as professional conditions as possible. To be honest I worried a bit about the shooting, because everything needed to work out. Bad weather, technical problem, illness… everything would have been the end of the project as it was planned.

But everything worked out. Nobody was ill, the logistic, coordination and schedule performed together and we shot everything we needed. I think for the professionals on the set it wasn’t a typical shooting, but if I concern that it was the first shooting ever for 6 of the total 10 crew members, it was good and we got some nice material.

With more doubtlessness we shoot the second part three months later. Like the first shooting, not everything was really professional and even I’m sure we did some mistakes, all scenes were filmed and I was really lucky to finish this part of the production.
Thanks to everybody who was involved so far!

This is the story behind the movie and I am sitting now at my computer with a lot of material – ready to start the postproduction. This is where I want to explain what is going to be on this blog. At first you will get updates about the progress of the postproduction. Next I am going to provide you some insights into the technical and artistic challenges, for example: Animating and Motion-Tracking with Blender, Cutting in Premiere Pro, Compositing and other parts of my production pipeline. The third thing I want to share are some general thoughts about moviemaking. I’m not sure what is going to be in this category exactly, but you’ll see. Please concern, that I’m not a professional artist or moviemaker and still have to learn a lot. But I think it can be really helpful for many people out there to see how a movie develops during the postproduction. :)

I really hope you will enjoy reading this blog. :)


3 comments on “An Introduction

  1. Sehr schön mein lieber Alex! Ich freue mich schon auf die Premiere! :)

  2. andres on said:

    Are you releasing your film under a creative commons licence if some sort?

    • admin on said:

      On vimeo its released under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. Do you ask for any special reason? :)

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