About The Movie

Storyline                                                                                                                                            The students Lea and Ben are living together in a small flat. Although Lea seems to be happy with her live and her boyfriend, she misses something. Something very hard to explain, an unexact desire for extraterrestrial live. Ben doesn’t share this passion. One day Lea’s live changes, when she discovers a flying alien living in a forest! Can she really share this sensation or won’t anybody believe her?

Stills from the movie

General Information
Lenght 17 Minutes
Genre Science Fiction
Camera Panasonic SD-300 with 35mm adapter
Software used Blender, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, GIMP, Audition

Lea Nadine Petry                                                                                                                               Ben Christian Stock

Script, Producing and Directing
Alexander Court                                                     
Lightning and audio recording Ingmar Lang                                                                Lightning Assistant and Catering Artur Niederfahrenhorst                                                 Theatrical Makeup Lea Eiselt                                                                                  Continuity Phillip Balkenhol                                                                                          Directors of Photography Fritz & Jules Holtgrewe                                                                  Set Assistance Moritz Schwarz                                                                                          Music Matthias Oebel                                                                                                                            Sound Design Felix Wollner                                                                                                       Cutting, Animation and Compositing Alexander Court

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